AMA’s app Challenge Contest

AMA’s app Challenge Contest

It seemed to be a lot of time when the medical apps were introduced in the world and was told to change the medical world. Changing the way the physicians will practice and learn the whole anatomy and also will help the non physicians in the remotest areas of the world.

“Two Grand Prize winner packages will be awarded, one to a physician and one to a resident/fellow or medical student. Each Grand Prize package will consist of the following (1): A $1,500 Apple Store Gift Card, (2) A $1,000 American Express Gift Card; (3): Authorship credit in the App if it is published by the AMA; (4): A three-day/two-night trip for two to New Orleans, LA, on AMA-specified dates in November 2011, to attend the award ceremony.”

Let’s look at one of the finalists, Dr. Pond Kelemen’s idea related to the risks of breast cancer. He said that:

“It’s not just simply breast surgeons, but it’s gynecologists, internists, anyone who is dealing with women on the frontline of health care can use this,” said Kelemen, a breast surgeon at the Ashikari Breast Center at St. John’s Riverside Hospital, Dobbs Ferry Pavilion and Hudson Valley Hospital Center in Cortlandt.”

He presented the idea that made him the finalist and maybe the new winner:

“A woman would come in, and you go to the app, and plug in her clinical information — age, family history, et cetera — and it would tell us if she would qualify for aggressive monitoring with MRI, medication to decrease the risk, or whether it makes sense to do genetic testing, he said. The app would show doctor’s percentages for the patient’s chances of having a genetic mutation and of developing breast cancer in five years and in her lifetime.”

An important and most appreciated feature of the apps is that each and every app is aligned with daily functions of the doctors and to their day-to-day challenges. For instance Mobile surgery card lets create and maintain list of preferred surgical equipments.
There were two exceptions taken in view which were the Disaster Preparedness app and the Physician Advocacy app. The disaster preparedness app helps one in prepare for the disasters like flood, earthquake, and typhoon etc. On the other hand the physician advocacy app gives a more of a social media touch like policy making.
However the apps turn out to be one thing is for sure and is being done is that different contests are being organized which will always turn out give innovative and physician friendly apps. To my personnel view these types of context should be organized however the outcome.

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