BurnMEd App for Iphone by Burn Medical Education

The Burn Medical Education (BurnMEd) by John Hopkins, is designed to be an educational friend for medical trainees and students. This app has capability of creating 3-dimentional model of the body, by which students and trainees can get the better picture of body surface. So that they can truly assess what’s going on behind the scene and would be able to diagnose injuries easily.
·         Elegant and simple interface.
·         An alternative method to traditional burn surface area calculations.
·         Male, female and child models.
·         Step-by-step educational guides with the help of pictures.
·         Metric and imperial units.
·         Comprehensive Video and Image tutorials that review burn severity & guide for proper handling care.
Reason behind development of this app
BurnMed medical app is the result of the accident in Kenya, where a gas tanker exploded and more than 100 people perished in the conflagration. This accident has created chaos and within few moments all hospitals were overwhelmed with patients and there were no resources available for treatment of them. That is why many people did not receive proper treatment.
This incident urge John Hopkins to create an medical app that can provide first aid and also assist doctors to diagnose the body surface. The developers’ goal was to train physician using mobile, multimedia resources in 15 minutes. This app was counted finalist for 2012 iMedicalApps-Medicine 2.0 mHealth Award.
How it works?
Initially, in burn management, doctors usually make documentation of burned areas, and then calculate Total Body Surface Area (TBSA). This calculation is usually done by using either a Lund-Browder Chart or a Rule of Nines. Later on, result is entered into the Parkland Formula to analyze fluid requirements.
BurnMed has minimized this lengthy and time taken process, firstly this app creates a 3-D anatomic picture of the burned surface. Then with the help of 3-D picture this app calculates the TBSA burned. Furthermore, physicians can change its settings to get different diagram for male, female or pediatric patients.
All these diagrams are so clear that even lay practitioner can easily understand the injury. Patient’s gender, weight, fluid percentage and more importantly initial treatment will also be provided via this app. These Treatment Guidelines assist doctor to take quick and early steps and even more, it would help in inhalation injuries, escharotomy and dressings.
Other side of picture
Although this medical app has excellent features by which physician can quickly understand the disease within few minutes. BurnMed emphasized on identifying circumferential burns and full thickness that require emergent escharotomy, it does not provide any assistance on partial-thickness, and full-thickness burns and differentiating superficial for the purposes of fluid resuscitation. Another major drawback is wrong analyzing of TBSA. This app could not implement Parkland Formula effectively usually partial and full thickness has to be used in formula.
Furthermore, BurnMed does not demonstrate how the calculations are made. Though you can ignore this for mass casualty incidents where resources are low, and doctors have no time to go for long calculations. But more certification of the calculations would be required for use in daily clinical environments.
  • Excellent use of videos and images to guide essential concepts in burn management.
  • Comprehensive, relevant and accurate clinical calculation.
  • Particularly, useful in major accident.
  • Detailed calculations are not explained.
  • Did not provide clear guidance on superficial vs. partial and full thickness burns.
  • Only developed for Apple’s product.
Without any doubt BurnMed has provided excellent initial treatment summary to doctors. By which physician can diagnosed injury more quickly. Detailed explanation of calculation should be included in the app; side by side developer should provide brief and comprehensive presentation about this app.
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