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If you are also among the list of people who have tried every available option to reduce their weight, but could not be succeeded? Then download LoseIt app into your smart-phone. This medical app is specially designed for people to reduce their weights.
FitNow, Inc , is developer of this app. Initially was available on iPhone in 2008. Later on developers developed it for android smart-phones. Now you can have it on Kindle. In early 2012, LoseIt won the Surgeon General Healthy App Challenge in the category of health/fitness.
How it works
Reduce all you tension by getting registered with LoseIt app. In registration process, firstly you have to provide all of your basic information such as name, height, date of birth; weight etc. After that app determines goal weight and how many pounds per week of weight loss you desired.
When you will fully register with LoseIt app. First screen would be My Day and provide a daily calorie budget with the complete history of calories consumes, burned and how many calories left for the day. All these information is in the form of graphical representation. So you can analyze your daily performance more closely. From this screen you can add food and exercise. You can enter food by writing name or can also be scanned in via barcode. Also, previous and new meals or brand name can also be entered.
There are many exercises have included in “My Exercise” section. User has also provided the option to add new exercise.
Log Page tab shows selected exercise and food totals, this information are recorded on daily and weekly basis.
The Goals tag gives a graphic representation of goals and user performance. From here weight is recorded. Furthermore, “More” button takes you to Settings, Preferences and Summary reports. Motivate button can help you to observe performance of other users of app.
·         100% free medical app.
·         It allow user to set goals and then keep update about performance, whether user is successfully achieving goal or not. In case of not, it allow changing diet plan.
·         It helps diet conscious people to keep track of calories consumed, burned and left for the day.
·         Offers you to add food, exercise and other necessary nutrition information.
·         “Motivate” feature let user observe record of friends and family, which is a stimulus for person to reduce weight.
·         Password protected option.
·         Maintain daily and weekly information.
·         More importantly now users do not need to visit doctor for weight problem. Because this app itself is a doctor.
·         To use FitBit scale user need to go for premium.
·         Endomondo or the Striiv, do not support it.
Summarizing all this discussion, I would definitely suggest this app for weight reduction. User will find it extremely beneficial and can easily track their daily calories stats. More importantly it is free to use.
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