NCCN Guidelines app for Android

NCCN Guidelines app for Android
In United States of America, The National Comprehensive Cancer Network is playing a significance role to aware cancer patients about medications of cancer. Undoubtedly, this institute is considered to be one of the leading oncology organization. NCCA is a non-profit organization and committed to provide recommendations to cancer patients about diagnosis, treatment and medication throughout the world.
User Interface
Now-a-days peoples are preferring smart-phones over computer. That is why NCCA developed an app for Android users named, NCCA guidelines. This app is very much similar to NCCA website. First of all user need to register for a free account and then they can get desired information. So whenever user want access these information, they have to first logon by providing username and password.
After logging on, the app retrieves that data and automatically logs in. All this process can only be done, when user will connect with internet. Because this app get information from NCCA website, for that internet connection has to be enabled.
Once that is over, “Library” section will be presented which includes list of 52 NCCN guidelines that are segregated by “cancer treatment by site,” “deduction, prevention, and risk reduction,” “supportive care,” and “age-related recommendations,” which is the reflection of website. Most of the articles are available on app just like NCCN. But few topics such as “Waldenstroms Macroglobulinemia,” are missing. Also articles for patients are absent and all are intended for physicians.
Every selected article will download in PDF file. Surprisingly, there is no specific folder for downloaded files and all articles saved in unknown directory. NCCA Guidelines app will then automatically open the file after complete download. Just in a case user is unable to find the desired article search it in available search place. But this search option will not provide real time search as u type. So user will have to type exact word.
Then these downloaded guidelines are automatically starred in “Saved” tab. Rather than showing in a list, saved guidelines are shown in drop down menu that adds little complexity in open or delete of file. Not much user can do with the “Settings” tab. Because all there are very limited options available in this tab.
An expected “License Agreement” tab gives user all the related information about NCCA’s reference and legal procedure.
The app default name is “Guidelines,” therefore it is stored with letter “G”. It would really irritate the user, because everyone would expect that app name should be “N” but in fact it is started with “G”.
  • Free
  • World-class content source from highly trusted cancer institution.
  • Basically functions as direct download links to NCCN guideline PDFs
  • Requires separate PDF reader to run the files.
  • Detailed guidelines are only available for physicians not for patients.
The National Comprehensive Cancer Network has taken a great step to bring cancer guideline on Android platform. But organization could not develop and exciting app that for cancer’s patients. The lack in ambiguity and complexity of functions the app could not deliver the expected results.
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