PalmPEDi app for managing pediatric emergencies

PalmPEDi app for managing pediatric emergencies
Emergency cases always required quick but proper aid. Sometime it becomes very challenging for doctors to provide proper treatment to patients. So whenever an emergency arises, it is foremost duty of doctor to take quick precautionary measures. The Palm ER Worldwide, an online resource to help physicians to deal pediatric emergencies, has developed The PalmPEDi app for iOS and Android enabled mobiles. Basically this app is the extended version of PalmEM.
User Interface
An elegant and beautifully colored user interface makes it a distinctive app. Undoubtedly the app contains concise and useful information but still there is room for improvements in user interface. The first screen displays the list of weights in kilograms and pounds, with estimated age. Just in a case if patient’s weight is in between two values user need to round up the weight to get the correct one. Normally it doesn’t put greater impact on overall treatment, but still; it might create some confusion and make this app difficult to operate.
After selecting the child’s weight, this app will lead user to medication doses necessary in various emergencies such as
·         Normal vital signs
·         Fluid and blood resuscitation
·         Equipment (sizes)
·         Cardiac resuscitation
·         Asthma
·         Allergy/anaphylaxis
·         Pain medication doses
·         Cardiovascular support
·         Croup
·         Procedural sedation
·         Seizure
·         Airway management, including premedication, induction and paralytics, and maintenance
·         Hypoglycemia management
The information is presented in a well-organized manner, broken down by the aforementioned categories. However, due to the lack of a search function, user has to scroll down the screen to found required information, because information is not in particular order. Therefore, it is advice that physician should search the information from menu rather than search option.
Practical Usage
In pediatric emergencies, this medical app is a great source for physician to manage such crucial emergency cases. But physician can only extract information of children from 3 kg to 36 kg. That is why physician would be unable to deal patients, who are heavier or lighter than this weight range. Furthermore, PalmPEDi app only provides information about basic normal vital signs and sized of equipment but no clinical decision algorithms.
To get information about children hospitals in USA, there is an “information” button on the upper hand side of the screen. Also you can get information about CDC immunization schedule.

PalmPEDi is a useful app for managing emergency pediatric cases, but it won’t help physician if they are dealing with patient weighs less than 3 kg or more than 36 kg. One thing that really surprised me PalmPEDi does not provide any reference. That is why I advice physician, do not trust on information provided in medical apps without full authentication.
All in all PalmPEDi, not fully, but can provide assistance to physicians.
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