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Make your Radiology treatment with Radiology Assistant app
Advancement in technology always brings interesting and useful change in everyone’s life. But for the last few years these developments have been increasing rapidly, particularly in the field of mobile phones. Beside of calling and texting, now-a-days superiority and excellence of mobile is based on application running on it. Millions of apps are introducing daily by professionals for popular mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android and windows mobile operating system.
Developers are creating millions of medical apps for the assistance of doctors/physician. A new medical app, Radiological Assistant, is created by using information form Radiological Society of the Netherland. This app is specially designed for assistance of Radiology specialist doctors.
How it works
Usually, Radiology Assistant app downloads different articles from site i.e. Head and neck article, and then stores them on your mobile. Radiology Assistant app open with a elegant, beautifully colored and simple looking user interface allowing users to search and select articles from internet or from available list via anatomical region. If user is unable to find articles than it can be downloaded from the Radiology Assistant website and automatically stored locally on the device for future need.
By pressing menu system, a table of content will appear from there you can select article. These are hyper-linked so information can be easily extracted by simple clicking it or user can scroll down to desired section. Furthermore, there is also search function within each article by which user can assess detailed information of selected article. Unfortunately, there is no option to bookmark, share or export article information.
The excellent feature of detailed images illustration, give it competitive edge over its competitors such as Radiopedia and Diagnostic Radiology. Each article has a high level of detail and show clear image images, tables and other relative information. By tapping on images, size will be increases so that user can examine more closely. Moreover, content related to article is clearly and concisely written. In case user finding and difficulty to understand it resources are also available for better understanding.
  • 100% free medical app.
  • Clear and concise article information with illustrated images.
  • At the end of each section, References are provided for better understanding.
  • Articles are stored locally on the device for future assistance.
  • Search option enable user to locate desired article easily.
·         User interface buttons are too small.
·         Separate iPhone and iPad version.
·         Articles could not be share, export or bookmark.
For many years physicians are using Radiology Assistant website for radiology information. But its mobile app has made it so easy for doctor to locate desired information via this app. But few improvements have to be made, i.e. user interface buttons should be large. Share and book mark option should also be included.
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