Review of VisualDx app for Android

Get detailed and images illustrated description of diseases with the help of new Android App, VisualDx. This medical app illustrates different images for same disease to provide better understanding of disease. This allows users to get maximum information about the disease and it helps in diagnosis of patient. VisualDx works best as a first aid when diagnosing dermatologic conditions.
It is fully authorized to access the VisualDx database; hence not only patients but doctors can also get the required information about his/her patient. All the instructions for institutional subscribers are delivered via email. By simple entering username and password they can access these emails.
How it works
After completing installation, run this medical app. Access VisualDx by simple providing log on information, username and passwords will be sent to the defined email address. After logging in select a “differential builder” and hierarchically layered diagnosis list will appear, tap in the desired diagnosis and get the detailed information. All this process is so simple and easy to understand that without any certain confusion, user can operate it.
In case, user is unable to find relative diagnosis, there is a search option from where users can search for diagnosis. After finding desired diagnosis method, detailed treatments such as synopsis, therapy, differential diagnosis and test information will be displayed along with images. All the diagnoses will be displayed in hyperlinks select the desired one and get the detail information. User can skip undesired content by simple tapping on the heading from table of contents.
  • 100% free medical app
  • User can build its own customized differential diagnoses.
  • Offers detailed information of diagnoses along with images
  • Accurate, easy to understand and concise information.
  • Accessible via both institutional license and personal subscription
  • Ease of use
  • Images can be shared with other users
  • Initial download of database takes several minutes


From all above discussion, I conclude that VisualDx is an excellently featured medical app. It offers a intuitive diagnostic aid for doctors. Not only information but it also shows images for better understanding. By using this medical app doctor can start diagnosis process more confidently.
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