Rex Cancer Care Mobile app

There is good news for cancer patients that now Rex HealthCare has developed an app which shall surely cancer patients to stay in touch with care team and other patients. Rex Healthcare took the assistance of Durham-based SmartOnline, to develop this app. Most importantly, this app will inform patient about coming appointments as well as medications. These useful features of Rex Cancer Care mobile app will surely assist patients throughout their treatment.
The app is easy to install and user can have it by simply downloading from Apple’s iTunes App Store and Google Play Android Store. It features a daily log of pain and other symptoms. To entertain and keep motivated cancer patients, this app includes excellent feature by which user can put virtual wig on image. Because due to extensive chemotherapy, patients usually lose their hairs; hence, this entertainment option will enable them to see themselves in cool and exciting hair style.
Normally this app is particularly designed for the assistance of patients in Rex HealthCare center, so that they can directly communicate with doctors and other patients as well. Lisa Schiller, Rex’s vice president of marketing, who is also a cancer survivor, said “We saw more than 3,200 new cancer patients last year, and thousands more see us for routine check-ups after treatment is completed. All will benefit from the features of this app.”
Moreover the app has option of Facebook, which enables patient to interact with other cancer patients. This will help them to create their social network wide and strong. This feature will put positive impact on cancer patient. Because they need motivation form other, the extensive medical treatments demoralize them and patients lose their determinations which results, death.
How it works
The app is extremely simple to use. As I earlier said, Rex Cancer Care app will let patient up-to-date about your appointments, treatments and also patient can remain in touch with your doctor.
First of all data about care team will be stored by “My Care Team” option. Create your profile with your name and then select and save name of doctors, nurses, and practitioners etc along with contact information, to remain in touch. Furthermore, patient can track coming appointment via “My treatment” option. All the information of medications can be tracked with it. By “How do I feel today” you can track your daily mood, and also compare them with you treatment.
To keep patient motivated Rex HealthCare app has “Virtual Resource Center” option which includes free virtual wigs & hats to try new look. Patient can fit these wigs and hats on their images and can send them to friends for entertainment.
Rex Cancer care is the first ever app developed by Rex HealthCare. Later on, hospital administration is planning to develop an app for members of the Rex Wellness Centers throughout Wake County. “Many hospitals around the country have created general apps suited for a broad patient population. However, Rex’s strategy is to offer apps tailored to the needs of specific types of patients,” said Jason Papagan, Rex’s manager of eMarketing. “We believe collaboration between our marketing and clinical teams can create new approaches for apps that will greatly enhance the patients’ experience.”
·         Let patient keep in touch with doctor.
·         No need to remember appointment date and medications.
·         Virtual wig option keep motivate patient.
·         Keep in touch with friends and family members via Facebook.
·         Only cancer patients of Rex HealthCare center can get benefit from it.
This app is an excellent motivation material for cancer patients. Usually, cancer patients lose their retention power because of extensive treatments such as chemotherapy. Patients create their funny images by putting wigs and hats; also share these images with other cancer patients. All in this entire app is beautifully designed and patients will surely get benefit from it.
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