ACMCS amalgamates with AHIMA

On Thursday, more than 500 members of American College of Medical Coding Specialist (ACMCS) are invited to join American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). This major change is the result of successful merger agreement between AHIMA and ACMCS.
Both these organization are committed to deliver advance practices and standard within the heath information and medical management profession. AHIMA praised the quality of ACMCS members that is why; they welcomed and asked them for the mutual collaboration.
Official says that AHIMA will provide an opportunity to ACMCS members to advance their careers. AHIMA CEO Lynne Thomas Gordon warmly welcomed the new members because he is confident that new members will find good home at AHIMA. He also said that he acknowledge the expertise and professionalism of ACMCS members. Their expertise will also enhance the performance of AHIMA and competitive environment will develop within the organization.
AHIMA is a leading work group that provides assistance to physician, by providing medical resources and education to doctors. AHIMA will include members of ACMCS and other medical association to address the needs of physician market. With this collaboration, member will have the opportunity to grow their carrier by engaging in leadership roles related to medical coding matters.
Officials say that ACMCS certification related issues will be managed by the Commission on Certification for Health Informatics and Information Management (CCHIIM). This organization will determine how to proceed with ACMCS certification exam. Furthermore, recertification issue of ACMCS certified professionals will also be solved within next 60 days.
Gretchen L. Segado, former member of board of governors at ACMCS, is excited with the collaboration of these two organizations. This amalgamation will assist ACMCS and AHIMA, to meet coding related challenges. He also believes that members of ACMCS will enjoy endless resources that will help them to grow their career.
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