HSS introduces 5 point privacy campaign

Department of Health and Human Science is concerned for mobile privacy that is why it has launched a security education and mobile health privacy campaign. The campaign named “Know the RISKS”. This campaign provides a framework for users about usage of mobile devices in better way.
Short YouTube videos will be used to explain the connection of mobile devices and HIPPA. All the necessary recommendation and materials related to mobile privacy will be provided in this campaign.
A research conducted by HIMMS in 2012, reported that nearly 90 percent of healthcare centers are using data encryption for their mobile devices.  This percentage was 73 percent in 2011. On behalf of this research, HSS has suggested five point recommendation plan for providers, that includes:
·         Decide
·         Assess
·         Identify
·         Develop
·         Train
First of all user have to decide whether mobile device will be used to store, access, receive or transmit the patient’s health information, or just want to make connection with organiztion’s EHR systems. Determination of need will give the clear picture to the agency that what are the major concern of doctors regarding use of mobile phones.
After completing above assessment, providers need to do a risk analysis to analyze potential data loss threats and scenarios. Moreover, technical and trained staff is crucial. In case staff is not complete aware of mobile privacy  training has to be conducted to aware them. These training shall also provide information about mobile policies and procedure to be used in developing organization. That is why, agency belives that providing safeguard will not be effective until and unless workfore is aware of its role.
Usually, Large HealthCare centers have developed a strong checking system for mobile usage within the center. But increases usage of mobile in small centers urge HSS to set some limitation about mobile usage. That is why HSS official believes that is is important to know what doctors are doing for clinical care and documentation.
Undoubtedly, usage of mobile device has enhanced the effectiveness of medical treatments. That is why Joy Pritts, Chief privacy officer at National Coordinator for Health IT, feels that loss of healthcare information is a serious matter and it can put devastating impact on trust patients in their providers. That’s why it creates sense of reservation in patient and they would feel not easy to give personal information to institutes. Higher trust will result better mutal understanding among doctors and patients
Therefore hospital administration must create a culture of privacy and ensures their patient that on every cost, their personal information would be protected. That is why, HSS decided to launch “Know the RISK” campaign.
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