New IT infrastructure – priority for NHS in 2013

National Health Service is focusing to deliver new IT infrastructure in 2013, reported by EHI intelligence in an article titled “The View from the Shop Floor”. All the affiliated trust of NHS can get this take advantage. Nearly 50 percent of respondents say that their trust is looking to implement advance EHR solution.
“The report shows increased optimism among respondents compared with last year,” said Lindsay Bell, the report’s author. “Although their trusts are still facing financial pressures, they expect these to be less severe than last year, with only 17 percent of those who responded to the 2012 survey expecting their overall trust budget to fall by more than 20 percent, compared to 37 percent last year.”
NHS is particularly focused to make advancements in IT department. Fewer respondents are forecasting an average decrease in IT budgets this year.
Trust boards are becoming more influential in approval of IT strategies and business cases for investments, the survey found.
“In the future, suppliers will have to show that their products can deliver a significant return on investment within a short timescale,” said Bell.
“There is no doubt that the NHS has a difficult road ahead,” said Jon Hoeksma, editor of the UK-based E-Health Insiderclinicians. “However, the results of this year’s survey indicate those working on the IT shop floor are less concerned about the journey than they were last year. There’s also clear evidence that trust IT departments are being protected from the worst, by boards and clinicians who increasingly ‘get’ the need to invest to make the bigger changes ahead.”

Make Life Easy with EMR
Undoubtedly, EMR system will make medicine efficient, cost effective and safer. But the question arises, can EMR record data more precisely than paper-based system? The research is conducted on health IT, published in Health Affairs, says that EMR is essential, but they are far from simple. Peter Neupert, a Microsoft vice president believes that he is really optimistic about the use of technology in healthcare center. But EMR is providing 6 benefit to a healthcare center.
1) Skip trips to the doctor. With advanced online access, patients will no need to have regular visits to doctors. Patients are consulting with doctors via email. Obviously we live in an era of Technology and things are changing rapidly. Everyone has its own smart-phone, so it is necessary to develop a strong connection with doctor via phones. EMR system connects with smart-phones, so patients can connect with doctor easily.
2) Easily track your medical record –Different online healthcare record sharing sources like Microsoft’s Health Vault and Google Health make it convenient to track you medical record on every time. Not only your record, but you can also access record of your family members.
Normally very few healthcare centers allow you to download it. But still by certain verifications patient can download the record.
3) Get lab test results at home –Most of the clinics allows patient to download the results of lab tests. Quest Diagnostics and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical center in Boston let patients download lab results.
4) No need to drag X-rays to a specialist. – Cisco has designed an online system by which patient can easily retrieve the information about X-ray and MRIs. Doctors have started integration of digital photos of a patient’s record, for example dermatologists are already using this system to diagnose skin treatment.
5) Promptly get you prescriptions. In 2009 Medicare gave physicians 2 percent bonus on using of electronic prescription system, which had increased the percentage of correct dosage and patient treatment. Health plans had saved millions of dollar by shifting their manual system to automated system such as EMR. E-prescribing has reduced the omission of errors by physicians.
6) Use your cell phone to track your record –Cloud computing is the big thing on the Web. Hence, you access all your data via phone or laptop. Online health records websites like Google and Kaiser is providing full access to user to access their data easily. But as now-a-days integration of internet in mobiles have made it so easy, because patient can track information by connecting internet on mobile. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can retrieve your data from internet.

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