Select Right EMR for your hospital

As soon as the idea of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) arrived in the market, it had created chaos among many physicians. That is why; with in no time traditional recording method has been replaced by EMR. Unfortunately, with the installation of EMR, physicians relied more on EMR vendor to install the right hardware for hospitals. In face that was not the case, without detail supervision no vendor could provide best EMR services. Usually it is better to install the best EMR service according to your flow of office work and specialization. Furthermore, the cost is another factor that plays significance role in the selection of EMR vendor. That is why it is important to hire an EMR vendor that installs EMR according to your requirement in affordable rates.
Following are some tips by which you can choose the right EMR.

Before moving to the purchase of any equipment, it is important to analyze your need and then plan. Similarly in EMR selection, it is important to examine your need and motives; because, you are going to replace all you medical system with EMR. The better way is to ask yourself whether you want to improve patient care by delivering them efficient treatment, want to make extra money or you want to increase the efficiency of the office. These all question will define you purpose that would lead to installation of EMR.
After that take a paper, prepare an outline of financial benefits that would a physician indented to enjoy. Such as Cost-Benefit Analysis and Return on Investment analysis.
Usually in any organization documentation work is necessary. That is why some time stationary expense exceeds. In hospitals billing, collection costs, chart management and storage require extensive paper work. By analyzing these expenses against the selection of EMR, one could get the better picture.
On the other side, Return on Investment (ROI) can give you more precise and clear assessment of Cost Benefit Analysis. EMR is not just the product; it is a complete package for physicians that could increase their efficiency of work. So why and how can EMR affect the performance, is an important question that physician should ask himself. The answer will tell you how much it will provide you return on your extensive investment.
EMR Vendor Selection:
After analyzing your need and long term benefits of EMR such as Cost Benefit Analysis and ROI, next step is the selection of Vendor.
In market there are varieties of EMR are available. But understanding the technical proficiency is a bit different thing. If the product is highly advanced, and then there are possibilities that user can not enjoy full feature and this would result in paying more for un-required features. That would not let user to get good return on investment. Therefore it is important to install right EMR.
Ask several questions from EMR Vendors such as what is the cost per physician license? For how long you are in this industry? Do you have any clients in our specialty? Is your company is developing it or is it re-branded from another vendor? Is your system ASP based or client/server based? Do you provide practice management software? Is your system HL7 compliant? Is support done overseas? How often is the software updated?
These questions will provide you great knowledge about EMR; after visiting several vendors you will get much know how about EMR.
RFP: Request for Proposal:
The most important step in the decision making process, a request for proposal is prepared and then is sent to a set of selected Vendors. Get as many proposals as u can, it will provide you more clear understanding of EMR and also you can choose the best vendor among so many options. Soon you will find a good buyer. Do ask for important information in you proposal like the cost, installation, and training on software application.
Electronic Medical Record Support:
While interviewing the EMR Vendor, do not forget to ask about technical support. Usually, a common mistake committed in technical support because of confusion of technical issues. So do research about necessary technical support on internet. It will help you to customize the EMR according to your need.
Client/Server or a Web Based EMR:
Both models have merits and demerits. The Web Based EMR is a remotely hosted software system that can be accessed via an internet web browser.
Web based EMR is accessed by paying a service fee. As the server is not installed in your office your initial setup costs are almost small with the added benefit that all technical aspects will be managed by a professional IT company. It is secure and HIPAA compliant. Web based EMR is expensive than Client/server EMR.
The Client/server EMR model is much faster. But its speed depends upon number of patients and the size of the practice physician might want to verify. Client/Server also provides full control over the data. However the responsibility of data management increases, and normally user become vulnerable to the risk of hard-drive failure, fire and theft.
Final considerations:
Finally ask recommendation from office professionals that would EMR make documentation process simpler. Vendor selection should be made with the consensus of office staff.
So after taking in full confidence, officials should go for the desired EMR system.
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