ASCO Flashcards app, can guide you in Oncology

Purpose of App Review

To evaluate the function and applicability of ASCO Flashcards app


The ASCO Flashcards app is developed with an ambition to provide assistance to medical practitioners in oncology topics.

The flashcards and flashcard format are developed by the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

User Interface

On running the app for the first time, a brief orientation about the app is provides. Later on, this orientation can be get from the info section. The Home screen consists of the several options such as: Sign-In, Browse Decks, Favorite Decks, and Info.

Tapping the Browse Decks option takes user to a list of available decks.

For more detail, user can click on OPEN and it will take to Deck Details screen.

Currently, there are few options available in Deck such as info about general oncology sample only. The app brings user to a sing-in the Browse Decks area. The free registration can be made for free from ASCO website, but user need to purchase the deck for $75. On purchasing the deck you can access the 22 deck contains about 200 flashcards on different oncologic topics.

The Deck Details screen displays several items such as name of the deck, number of cards in the deck, and average score for the deck.

There is also a quiz feature available for you which bring the pre-specified order of flashcards. By sideswiping user can turn the flashcard from question to answer and vice versa. The Question and Answer format is based on multiply option.

The user can check the answers with correct or wrong/not sure. Moreover, user can flip back and forth within the question/answer pair. But user cannot change the order of flashcard and neither navigates within flashcards.

After completing a deck, the app leads to a result page where user can see how many card got correct and incorrect. From here user can retry correct cards, incorrect cards, or the all cards (quiz). Furthermore, the app also displays the result in a graph so that user can get the better get the more accurate result of its performance.


  • Easy to understand user interface
  • Decks are well- organized
  • It allows user to check the correction of answers
  • Ability to retry correct and incorrect answers


  • Expensive
  • References for facts are not cited.
  • No link is available to ASCO website


  • The ASCO Flashcards app features a multiple format question to review oncologic topics quickly, but authentic citation is unavailable.
  • There are limited special features.
  • The full-featured app is expensive particularly for students.
  • The app is available for the iPad, iPhone, and Android platform.


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