Bowel Run app could not create successful colon cancer awareness

Purpose of App Review

  • Is this a medical app?
  • Can Bowel Run create colon cancer awareness?


Sometimes, the patients try to engage themselves in the gaming activity so that they can get out of the disease pressure. The same approach has been adopted by the developers of Bowel Run app. The application is designed to make colon cancer patient happy. In 2013 over 50,000 people killed in America due to Colon Cancer.

Bowel Run is a free app for iPhone and iPad that encourages users, “to dive right in, literally… Almost like your own fantastic voyage up the bowel tract shooting polyps, destroying cancerous masses, and of course, jumping over caverns of stool.” As this is a gaming app so it is interesting to see that how it could create the awareness among patients. The designers have included the several helpful health resources related to colon cancer awareness.

User Interface

Just like other gaming apps, the Bowel Run starts with the opening screen displays the big PLAY button in the center of the screen. After tapping the “Play” button, the user is shown as a running doctor who much jump over “caverns of stool” to collect pills, fruit and coins while shooting at pre­cancerous polyps or avoiding from cancerous tumors.

The chance over if player hits into a polyp or tumor or fall into the poop river.

Unfortunately the game wasn’t entertaining as it should be. No helpful links, no helpful facts, in short there is nothing in this app that can give some entertainment to patient.


  • Free
  • Turns colon cancer into something lighthearted.


  • Boring game
  • Doesn’t deliver the expected result about colon cancer awareness and prevention.


  • Bowel Run app is a boring and stressful app for colon cancer patients.
  • Not single practical information is available regarding education resources.
  • It doesn’t seem like a medical app
  • Only available for iOS platform.
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