Get information about physical examination and keep history texting with Bates’ Pocket Guide app

Purpose of App Review

To evaluate the effectiveness and usability of the Bates’s pocket guide app.


The Bates’ Pocket Guide to Physical Examination and History is an app that includes the important learning resources for medical students. This app is highly praised by the medical students that is why the developers have launched its 7th addition.

User Interface

The opening screen of app includes the table of contents. The chapters are listed according to name and number.

After selecting a chapter, it leads to a table of content related to that chapter. This table of contents item on the right side of the split screen.

On tapping a section slides and choosing the interested information from the table of contents and brings up that section. User can navigate between and within sections by scrolling them vertically.

The developers have used the excellent combination of pictures and data. Each chapter contains the pictures of techniques which makes the information easy to understand. Also the pictures are used for variety of formats of interpretive aids.

The left-sided tool bar is always there throughout the app. With this tool bar user can navigates back in the hierarchical order, create and navigates to the bookmarks/highlights/notes, search page numbers and terms and individualize view options.

Images and tables can also be used for adding notes and bookmarking the favorite one for future consideration. The app is linked with Inkling and the social networking site i.e. Facebook.  With Bates’ pocket dictionary user can take notes and share them with other users of this app.


  • Easy to understand user interface
  • Information can be printed
  • Supports landscape and portrait view
  • Strong integration between tables, text, images, photos, and other pages
  • Clear photo quality for both iPhone and iPad


  • Limited access to video format
  • Slideshows act as a collection of tables and images not run in as automated fashion


  • Bates’ pocket guide app is a useful tool for learning the medical physical examination skills.
  • As the app is very expensive therefore the included references are based on trusted medical text.
  • This app is only available for the iPad and iPhone.
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