Keep yourself up-to-date about drug information with APhA DrugInfoLine

Purpose of Review:

  • To evaluate the effectiveness of features of app about medications
  • Determine the functionality of the app used for sharing information with college colleagues


The American Pharmacist Association (APhA) is one of the few major pharmacy organizations dedicated to work for the progress of overall pharmacy practice.

APhA also provide up-to-date information to its members about major changes and advancement in medication. The organization has created the app with a mission to provide updated information on drug to its member and also about the developments and oversight. By using information they can change practices as required. Importantly, the information in the app is updated weekly. Moreover, information is about other specialties e.g. cardiology, nephrology, is also included in this app.

User Interface:

The app has the simple and easy to understand user interface. the opening screen of the app contains several option such as Home, Sections, Med Monitor, Search, and More. The Home screen displays all the updates from the DrugInfoLine.

Choosing an article takes the user to the article. All the information is divided into different section such as Key Points, Finer Points, What You Need To Know, and, What Your Patients Need To Know.

The Information is concise and short, featuring quick on-the-go reading. For in-depth study there are links available in the app.

The app has the limited function such as those who are not registered with APhA, only Key Points option is provided. If user wants to access the other section of the app he/she need to register with an APhA account. Also, the sharing feature only works for registered users.

The user can navigate the Sections component. This area contains specialties such as ID/Cancers, GI/Kidneys.

Med Monitor option contains the detail information about the medication such as new drug approval, alerts and recalls, and product withdrawals.

The APhA DrugInfoLine app also provides facility to save the articles. The search option allows user to look for the article through the app.


  • Easy to operate user interface.
  • Information supplied from authentic resource


  • Full features are only available for members of APhA
  • Lack of social media integration


  • APhA DrugInfoLine app is useful for the users who want to keep them up-to-date about with latest information related to drugs.
  • The app automatically updates the information weekly.
  • Full features can only access by the register users.
  • Lack of social media integration.
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