Lab personnel should use Chemistry Lab Suite for to perform calculation and other lab utilities

Purpose of App Review

  • To evaluate the performance of this app?
  • To check whether or not it can assist the students or lab staff in laboratory work?


Chemistry Lab Suite is an app developed with the ambition of helping the students studying chemistry, peptide chemistry and mass spectrometry (both proteomics and metabolomics). Also this app can be used by the laboratory assistants.

The Chemistry Lab Suite app is divided into four sections which are as follows:

  • Solutions (solutions and buffers) – allows to determine solution for for dilutions and stock/working.
  • Proteins (peptides, proteins, and amino acids) – calculate the fragment masses, look up for structures and properties and protein information
  • Peptide Synthesis – provides useful information on solid phase peptide protocol, synthesis, and reagent properties.
  • Chemicals (chemicals and elements) – allows information of chemical formula, calculation of molecular weight, and a list of element of periodic table with relevant information

User Interface

Chemistry Lab Suite consists of a simple and intuitive user interface and it takes the user automatically to the new step, hence, it supports user to find information with ease. So after choosing a top-level category it takes to a next page with more detailed option and this process goes on until user reaches its desired tool. Furthermore, the app is understandable. The developers have designed it elegantly that it requires minimum scrolling that makes easier for user to find the information.

The app is learning source for students and lab assistants. Some sections entirely belong to practical work i.e. lab work, while other contents are very informative. This makes this app suitable for every individual associated with study of chemistry

Chemistry Lab Suite’s design is useful for dynamic functionality and its tools are specially organized for on-the-job use in the lab work.


  • Simple, intuitive and interactive user interface.
  • Dynamic and visual lab tools


  • Lack of transparency about the app developer and its credentials


  • The app is an informative tool to perform lab calculation and other utilities.
  • Contains effective tools for determining protocols, stock solution recipes and calculations.
  • Useful for both students and lab assistants.
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