Track your child sickness with Kids’ Wellness Tracker app

Purpose of App Review

  • to evaluate the effectiveness of the Kids’ Wellness Tracker app
  • to check the drug recommendations provided by the app


The childhood period is the most important phase of life for parents as well as for child itself. That is the time where a child needs the special care and intention of parents. Especially in health matters, the parents are very conscious and they try to protect their child from every possible factor that can lead to child health problems. Hence, every parent tries to make documentation of child’s medical record. But sometimes, due to busy schedule, unintentionally they forget to document their health and sickness. Therefore, The Kids Wellness Tracker app is designed for the assistance of parents and it provides a means to monitor and document their child’s health and illnesses.

User Interface

The app has intuitive user interface. The opening screen you to the children’s page, which contains the list of child(ren) you have added to the app. On top right there is a “+” button from where you can make the profile of child. All the information such as: child’s name, date of birth, height, weight, gender, and even formula preferences and drug flavor can be inserted from there. Additionally, the screen contains the link of Get the Right Dose section and learning resources.

In child profile section, if you are not interested in right dose bar, you can only take the general dose query. This takes you to the Dosing Calculator section. In this section the child’s date of birth and weight will be entered and the app provide you the information about dosing and formulation recommendations.  All the medicines and dosage includes the pictures that makes it easy to understand.

The doctors can also send you recommendation about the dosage (if the doctor uses the Mobile Health Pro). It can be accessed through “from doctor” section. Also you can look for specific dosage for each child by choosing from the child list.

Selecting a child from the home page brings you the dosing calculator, symptom tracker, medicine tracker, vaccine tracker and height/weight/IBM.

On tabbing the Symptom tracker, you can add/track any number of symptoms. In case, you are unable to find your child’s symptom listed, you can search or add it in.

The Medicine tracker section takes you to write about medicine i.e. what medicine(s) you have given to your child.

The Vaccine tracker section allows you to add the information about vaccination such as name and appointment date of the vaccination administered.

The Height/Weight/BMI section contains data entry for these parameters, also provides the ability to check your child’s growth chart.

The top left menu appears in each section of the app it allows navigates between function of the apps like previously discussed child-specific section, learning resources section, and the My Settings section.

From the My Settings tab you can personalize the app for units of measure and security PIN.


  • Free
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Can add data of multiple children
  • Symptoms trackers allows parents to keep track of their child record and it also remind assessment of symptoms
  • and timer to remind assessment of symptoms
  • Security PIN option available
  • Features vaccination, health and BMI tracking


  • User could not write the new vaccination
  • Child preferences section cannot be modified which medicines are listed or recommended
  • No substitute to Motrin or Motrinare recommended
  • Lack of email feature for tracked items


  • The Kid’s Wellness Tracker app is intuitive and multifunctional app allowing for medicine, symptom, vaccination and body measurement monitoring. The app is usually a drug-specific but it also help in personalization of medications.
  • The provided dose recommendations are found to be accurate and according to the child’s age/weight.
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