Useful guide to the management of gestational diabetes app

Purpose of App Review

  • To evaluate the effectiveness of Gestational Diabetes app
  • How helpful it can be for prenatal care providers


The Gestational Diabetes is a becoming a common obstetric problem which requires the close coordination between patient and doctor throughout the pregnancy, postmortem, labor and delivery for successful outcomes.

There are many management guides available on gestational diabetes but most of them are not trust-able and found to be paper copies. The Diagnosis and Management of Gestational Diabetes app is developed with a mission of providing the comprehensive solution for the management and diagnosis of gestational diabetes to patient as well as physicians.

User Interface

As it is an informative app, therefore, the developers have design its user interface simple and easy to understand. The opening page of Gestational diabetes app contains several options related to the pregnancy such as Definition, Benefits of Treatment, Diagnostic Tests, Monitoring Glucose Level, Tx-Diet, Tx-Simple Insulin Regimen etc. From definition to diagnosis, treatment to intrapartum, and from management to postmortem, this app provide complete guide.

Each section is slightly different from other. Like some section contains the information related to evidence base management strategy, while other section such as intrapartum management, provide immediate information about goals and then discuss about achieving these goals.

The treatment sections consist of two descriptions of insulin regimens complex and simple. The complex section provides two guides: step-by-step guide to calculating insulin requirements and an intra-app calculator.


  • Well-organized section
  • Easy to understand user interface
  • appropriate combination of text and color
  • inclusion of calculators within the gestational diabetes app
  • medical students can use it as a learning resource


  • Lack of authentic references.
  • Rather than 2, the complex regimen divides insulin into 3 doses


  • The Diagnosis and Management of Gestational Diabetes app is easy to understand. the combination of color and text make it readable for users. Currently, the app is only available for iOS platform.
  • The format and presentation style makes this app useful for not only physician but also for students. The inclusion of insulin calculator within the app saves time in lengthy calculation of determining the insulin.
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