With JAMA Network Reader Web App you can access multiple medical journals on your smartphone

Purpose of App Review

  • to analyze the benefits of JAMA Network Reader mobile app
  • to evaluate the usability of the app and its features


The trend of reading the books is shifting towards e-books, that is the reason every smartphone company is trying to develop the apps that supports the PDF, EPUB and other e-book formats. The Kindle and Nexus gains its popularity as an e-book reader. From customer point of view it is more convenient to have the smartphone that supports the app for e-book rather than a full-fledge e-book reader device. Hence, many of the authors are offering their books in e-book format so that everyone can access it easily.

Along with books, many journals are developing the apps for smartphones that allow user to access it from their mobiles. The JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) Network is a famous medical. The JAMA authorities have introduced a JAMA network reader web app that supports nearly 10 field-specific JAMA-journals.

User Interface

To download this app you need to visit http://mobile.jamanetwork.com/, and follow the instruction.

The app opens with a page ask for your email address. This address will use for accessing he JN Reader app. In case you are not registered, the app will take you to the registration page where you can get yourself register by filling the form. After completing the registration process that app will take you to the process of how to install JN Reader on your device.

So after completing the installation process you can successfully start this app. On running the app, it leads you to an opening where you need to enter the email address. The next screen contains the list of 10 journals that you can access via this app such as JAMA, JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, JAMA Neurology, JAMA Dermatology, JAMA Surgery, JAMA Psychiatry, JAMA Internal Medicine, JAMA Ophthalmology, JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery and JAMA Pediatrics. You can select the journal from by tapping the “+” button or you can also delete the journal unwanted journal.

To access the offline library or to bookmark the page for future need, you can use the top left bar. Similarly, the top right section includes the search though the content of JN Reader app, change user setting or learn more about JAMA network.

There are two options right below the top toolbar – Journals and Issues.  On choosing the Journals user can navigates to the first page of recently used journals. Selecting Issues takes you to a screen where you can navigate between the various issues for a particular journal.

Upon selecting an issue or article, app takes you to the first page of issue/article. A split screen mode allows you to see or hide the table of contents. From top of table of content you can add or remove any issue from your offline library.

The app also support the formatting option such as from bottom toolbar user can change the font size (three choices are available), ability to bookmark or share with yourself or friend.

Articles provide intra-article, extra-app, and intra-app links. Intra-article includes figures and tables.  The image can be viewed on tapping it.

With search function user can search the content though out the journals included in the app. along with search, user can filter the search results by journal(s). The articles can be emailed to others.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Can access the journals with ease
  • Enlarged version of tables and figures are available.
  • easy to understand instructions


  • lack of ability to highlight the text
  • The frequent advertisement pop-ups at bottom of screen create irritation.
  • Data before Jan 2012 can only be searched


  • The JAMA Network Reader web app is an excellent source of journal reading.
  • It provides access to 10 journals and the ability to download them.
  • The JN Reader web app is available for every smartphones


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