Ipad for healthcare from Apple .

The iPad, Apple’s new tablet, has just been released.  The following are some quick hitting features of the iPad that the medical community should be excited about, and ones we hope will be implemented in the clinic setting.


ipad healthcare

  1. Battery life: Up to 10 hours, Its very important battery life is if apple wants this tablet to be used in the healthcare setting
  2. Beautiful screen: The 1024 by 768 screen appears to be diligent by many accounts.  This screen could definitely be used to look at imaging.    I’d love to see how radiology films will look on this.  This beautiful screen would be great for medical textbooks as well.
  3. Pricing: at $499, definitely much less than other health care tablets.
  4. External Keyboard: Along with battery life, this is one of the most critical components that will make this tablet actually useful in clinic.  I can’t imagine typing on the actual iPad in the clinic.  It wouldn’t be easy to do and in the clinic setting, typos can lead to critical medical mistakes.
      We’ll have a more in depth post tonight with how the features the iPad touts can be used in the actual clinic setting.  We’re definitely excited and our medical peers should be as well.
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  1. A complete ipad for healthcare.

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