Most downloaded Medical apps

There are thousands of medical apps designed for doctors, medical professionals, practitioners and medical students to facilitate them in terms of medical knowledge, researches and current medical practices. Among these medical apps there are some best medical apps with high quality of information, reliable and facilitating user experiences and are popular and famous among the doctors, medical professionals and students. These particular medical apps are rated by their users and according to the ratings these medical apps are highly appreciated and used within the medical community. The brief description of these medical apps is provided below.
Radiology 2.0
The Radiology 2.0 is an imaging based medical app which provided thousands of images to understand different medical concepts, diseases and human body. It is considered as the most facilitating medical app for medical students and doctors to understand the human body parts, disease and its treatment with the help of radiological images. The application targets the CT scans and MRI scans having thousands of images to help understanding the reading of MRI and CT scan images for the doctors and medical students. It helps the doctors and medical students to enhance their skills in radiology.
Airstrip cardiology
The Airstrip cardiology is one of the best medical app for cardiology professionals i.e. medical students and cardio specialists. The special feature of this app allows the medical practitioners to monitor the exact cardio logical situation of their patients from any other location. The patients can consult the doctors from different geographical locations about their cardio situation and treatment. It further uses mobile transmission to send the information of the patients such as ECG report to the doctors and medical practitioners and hospitals. In this way the doctors can avoid emergencies of the patients as they are updated with the patient cardio information and they can treat and suggest the patient accordingly.
Eye decide
This medical application is designed for medical practitioners and general public which is regarding the eye diseases and optical information. The people can watch the eye in 3D form to have the complete information about the different eye disease and all the medical conditions of the eye. This app is famous among opticians and the medical students having the specialization in ophthalmology.

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